How does the partnership work? | codepathorg

How does the partnership work? is supported by top technology companies (Facebook) and thought leaders (Management Leaders of Tomorrow, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative) who help us bring our courses for free to college campuses. Our in-house learning management technology platform (e.g. Canvas, Blackboard) allows us to deliver all our course content flexibly and at scale. 

You (as the institution) decide: 

  • course credit type, instructors, meeting times & days, final grades etc. offers:
  • full curriculum (updated each semester), grading, 24/7 homework support, training of instructors, reporting and implementation consultation prior to the course starting

- courses are completely free. If it's offered for-credit, then the university/institution will keep the tuition.

- Courses have 3 models of instruction: 1) Professor-led, 2) Student-led, 3) Hybrid (prof on record, student facilitates instruction)

- All classes meet ON-CAMPUS, all content is hosted online on our course portal

- Courses fit into your semester calendar. You decide the time, days and instructors

- Instructors do not have to have subject matter expertise. We offer a training, which is an accelerated content learning process.